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Welcome to Wrapz World!

We are a team of designers that have the vision and knowledge to bring your sports equipment back to life. Our high quality long lasting 3M vinyl lasts longer and looks better than all the competitors.

Our Wrapz are made from a durable material that makes them last longer without fading away due to their Ultraviolet Protection. Heat and water resistant, our Wrapz retain their color and shine and remain the same for years.

Make your gear look new again! Buy that old gear, strip it down and Wrapz it from top to bottom.

It’s all about the Wrapz, and this is why we are Wrapz World. Fishing Pole Wrapz, Tennis Wrapz, Baseball Wrapz, Pole Vault Wrapz, Hockey Wrapz, Lacrosse Wrapz, and may other skins and wrapz that you can think of.

Ready to experience our Wrapz? Our passion for excellence will surely give you the results above and beyond your imagination.

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Thank you guys for the pole wraps! They turned out amazing! They are great quality and were easy to stick onto the pole! Also they arrived super quick after I ordered them! I was able to use them for my meet that weekend! Once again thank you guys for my sweet pole wraps!

Chandlar Ifft

My son absolutely loves your product for his Pole Vault poles.  The flare the Wrapz provide express his individuality artistically as well as instill a sense of ownership in the sport.  I was initially skeptical purchasing the Wrapz due to my concern with labor intensity.  Of course I was wrong as their application proved relatively easy.  I was able to wrap about 20 poles in two days.  I have since purchased other Wrapz with a team logo for the high school.  I have enclosed a picture of my son, Jake vaulting at the state meet with one of his many different colored poles.  I will continue to purchase more of your Wrapz and encourage others to do the same.


Brad R. Freidel, DO

Vault Haven

Image by James Smith-Centralia, MO

Brad R. Freidel

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