Loving what you do matters! Loving what you protect and see every time you place your sports equipment in your hand’s matters as well.

When it comes to style and protection, you want what works best for you and your equipment. Not to mention your very own personal branding on your pole, stick, paddle, club, racket or anything else that you can think of when it comes to your brand and your name.

When it comes to protection, these Wrapz are UV protected and have a laminate overlay to protect your gear from fading and scratches. Scratches make your gear look worn out, and fading doesn’t help. When done, peel the Wrapz off, and your equipment will look new again. If the sports equipment is old, refresh it and place a new Wrapz over the scratches and fading.

Track coaches have hurdles and starting blocks that could easily use their branding and attention to detail. All types of events use countdown timer and digital displays, and they can quickly be wrapped to meet your needs.

This young lady decided to wrap her pole vaulting pole with her signature name and her school logo. Just like Kaelyn you to can have your poles and other gear taken to the next level.